How it works – Business Directory

ECCC is committed to assisting its members during this trying time during to Covid-19 lock-down measures. These have had a sever impact on our livelihoods and businesses.

To assist we have introduced a ECCC Business Directory to encourage members to support our local and club member’s business where they can.

We all need to help each other!

Follow the steps below to register your business on the website

It is a simple three step process.

Only members have their businesses displayed here.

Registration and listing steps

STEP 1 - Register on the site

Register as a user on the site.

Go to Register and enter your details.

This is restricted to Paid Up club members only.
Registered members will have to be approved by the Club before being allowed access.

STEP 2 - Get approval

When you register you will get notification that your request has been sent for approval.

Once approved you will be notified by email of your acceptance.

You will then be able to add your business information to the Business Directory.

Proceed to the site and Login.

STEP 3 - Add your business enrty

Once you have logged in you will arrive at the Business Directory page.

At the top right you will see  a PLUS sign which will allow you to add your details to the site.

Fill out the form sections.

To insert a Google Map, please use the Share > Embed a Map > COPY HTML from your Google Map listing to paste the “iframe” code into the provided field in your listing form.

Save the form.

You will now see your listing on the ECCC Business Directory page.

A default listing image will be displayed (The ECCC logo) which you can edit later to display your logo, if you have one, in its place.

Edit your details or add a logo

When logged in you will be able to edit your details by clicking on your listing.

Use the buttons for uploading images at the left to add a logo or photo.
Once you select the image hit “SET IMAGE” to replace the listing image